A Northern Tradition Pagan Gathering

Welcome to our celebration of the Norse/Germanic/Anglo-Saxon Gods and Goddesses! We are gathering at Ramblewood Retreat Center in Darlington, MD from October  –  , 2012, Thursday through Sunday. Come walk the Nine Worlds that spin around the World Tree, and honor the Gods, spirits, and ancestors.

We’ll be offering workshops and discussion groups on many different subjects, rituals large and small, and intensives where you can work with specific Gods or traditions. There will be vendors of handmade spiritual crafts, diviners, and many altars set up for the weekend.

While this event is open to everyone, the focus will be on modern Neo-Pagan ways of honoring the Northern Gods. This is not a reconstructionist-focused event; it is a place for diverse worshipers to come together and share. All Northern Gods will be honored at some point or another during the weekend, and while no one is required to honor any particular deity, we expect folks to be respectful of all differing religious practices, the Gods of everyone present, and all other attendees regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or lifestyle. Hospitality, and creating a safe, peaceful, and nonjudgmental space for everyone is a high priority for us.

Come to the shadow of Yggdrasil and dance with us!